Thursday, July 12, 2007

Soviet e-disco vs Riton

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I've done a new edit/mash-up cutting and blending together Riton's remix of Alter Ego's Tubeaction with an obscure and funky oldschool soviet space-disco tune. It's composed back in 1985 by some guy A.Radionov and it's title is "Electronic jockey" (!). Well, in fact it seems that a horse jockey is meant, but anyway it sounds appropriate.

This track comes from Pulse 1 LP (other side is composed by B.Tihomirov). As it's written on the sleeve, "The present record is a joint venture of Melodia sound-recording firm and the USSR Sports Committee, first in a planned series under "Pulse" heading meant to emphasize the vital importance of physical culture.

[...] The series' first disc acquaints the public with electronic music composed with the help of an individual musical computer, for the first time in the USSR."

The mentioned computer is Yamaha CX5, others instruments used on the record include: synths Yamaha DX7, Roland Jupiter 4 and the legendary Roland TR909 drum machine.

I have also Pulse 2 and Pulse 3, but apart from few gems they are not as good as the first Pulse.

So, in fact I did two versions. In the first one the full length of the Riton's track is kept, while Radionov's track is rather chopped up.

A.Radionov vs. Alter Ego & Riton - Electronic Jockey in Tubeaction [hencha's funky cut & mash up]

Another one is closer to the original Jockey track, and parts from the Riton's track perform the function of additional beats.

A.Radionov vs. Alter Ego & Riton - Electronic Jockey in Tubeaction [hencha's mash up version 2]

I would appreciate your comments on which one is better.

And here you can check the original track, ripped off from the vinyl.

A.Radionov - Electronic Jockey

Actually I've found out that these both guys have another record on Melodia, supposedly electronic music, see here for details. Does anyone has a copy? I'm eager to hear it.

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