Saturday, May 05, 2007

2nite: deadly dub & last exitech

Hey ho!

Tonight - it's Saturday May 5 - two recommended parties are on.

First one is Deadbeat performing at Pulkvedis, Latvia, supported by all my friends DJs - netcords/no rest crew, fuckforfriendship guys and others. Sadly I cannot join them as I'm not in Latvia at the moment, however I will drop another party in Luxembourg (read below).

Canadian Deadbeat is probably my favorite electronica-dub-techno producer, he's got that special talent fusing and creating various kinds of beats immersed in deep, echoing soundscapes. Last time I heard him live at Transmediale, some 3 years ago. His music was so incredibly deep and groovy, perfect for a proper smoke. I was already quite stoned when noticed Vladislav Delay standing not far from me. I approached him, we started chatting and blew up another joint. He was back from Rio, and told me how fascinated he had got from all that favela ghetto booty style.

I don't know why but this kind of deep e-dub music often makes me feel as rain would come. Sort of ritual music with a purpose to bring rain, you know. First I had this feeling many years ago when I bought and listened to the fantastic Monolake's Lantau track (unfortunately I don't have it as an mp3 to share it with you, and I'm too lazy to rip off the vinyl record).

Deadbeat - Little Town Of Bettlehem

OK, back to present. My friends from Luxembourg are very welcome to the third and closing Exitech soiree at Exit07 cafe. Deep tech-house meets a bit more cheerful e-disco and other kind of electronic dance music. Actually style doesn't matter, just good music does.

Hugs, and let the good groove roll!

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