Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Output quits

Well, I've never been a hardcore fan of Output Recordings' output yet I liked their music policy and the indie attitude, so it's sad that this label is closing down. No matter what style -- its music ranged from electro-disco to indietronics to dance-punk to some obscure stuff -- but in general the releases delivered in these 10 years were interesting and original, and some of them were really significant for me (Mu and Black Strobe come to my mind). Naturally, life goes on, we can just hope that at least the represented artists will continue producing nice music.

Trevor's statement can be read at the Pitchforkmedia, if you haven't done it yet.

He says, by the way, that starting from October there will be some releases on their site given away for free.

Big respect and thanks for the Output!

Mu - Tiger Bastard

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