Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The first Latvian astronaut

The Latvian electronic music producer NGC-5128 (pictured on the photo while working) has a new release on Romanian net-label Exposed Audio (again that mysterious Romanian-Latvian connection, recently I've been enjoying some Romanian artists like M.Popaviciu and The Model, and now this comes on my way).

NGC-5128 is a one man project, and he is well known in Latvian underground e-music scene. His cosmic fantasies transformed into nice music, that's why I call him the first Latvian atronaut. Nevertheless the fact of being one of the best Latvian techno producers, this is his first public relese, if I'm not mistaken. So cheers!

Regarding the given release, the drums sound to me slightly too straight, as of typical old-school techno, but the deep basslines and synth melodies are what I dig for. But better have a listen and judge yourself.

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